Mac OS X Setup Guide


Installing LaTeX on Mac

When installing LaTex, two following options are given to users.

  1. Install MacTeX with builtin editor(TexLive) - (2GB)
  2. Install BasicTeX only (100MB) + your personal LaTeX editor

Option 1 (Full LaTeX installation with LaTeX editor):

Download MacTex. For more details about MaxTex: Click Here.

Since MaxTex installs an LaTex editor (TexMaker) already, installing another LaTeX editor is unnecessary.

Option 2 (BasicTeX + Custom LaTeX editor):

Download BasicTeX. For more details about BasicTex: Click Here.

Pick one of the following LaTeX editors: LaTex Editor's:

  1. TexMaker
  2. TeXstudio
  3. TeXworks
  4. TeXShop
  5. LyX
  6. TeXlipse

MacTeX vs BasicTeX

MacTeX includes additional programs such as an editor and a BibTeX reference manager that help users to work with TeX outside of the command line. BasicTeX does not include these GUI programs. The trade-off that comes with using BasicTeX is that you will have to download and install additional packages and programs as the need arises- and BasicTeX is so basic that the need will arise. So, after installing BasicTeX you will be faced with the tasks of installing additional programs and installing missing packages.