Homebrew-Cask extends Homebrew and allows you to install large binary files via a command-line tool. You can for example install applications like Google Chrome, Dropbox, VLC and Spectacle. No more downloading .dmg files and dragging them to your Applications folder!


You need Homebrew on your system to use Cask, and you make Cask available by adding it as a tap:

$ brew tap caskroom/cask

To see if an app is available on Cask you can search on the official Cask website. You can also search in your terminal:

$ brew cask search <package>

Example Applications

Quick Look plugins

These plugins add support for the corresponding file type to Mac Quick Look (In Finder, mark a file and press Space to start Quick Look). The plugins includes features like syntax highlighting, Markdown rendering, preview of JSON, patch files, CSV, ZIP files and more.

$ brew cask install \
    qlcolorcode \
    qlstephen \
    qlmarkdown \
    quicklook-json \
    qlprettypatch \
    quicklook-csv \
    betterzip \
    webpquicklook \

App Suggestions

Here are some useful apps that are available on Cask.

$ brew cask install \
    alfred \
    android-file-transfer \
    asepsis \
    appcleaner \
    caffeine \
    cheatsheet \
    docker \
    doubletwist \
    dropbox \
    google-chrome \
    google-drive \
    google-hangouts \
    flux \
    latexian \
    1password \
    pdftk \
    spectacle \
    sublime-text \
    superduper \
    totalfinder \
    transmission \
    valentina-studio \

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