Octave is a programming language for scientific computing.


You might need homebrew-cask, if you don't have it refer to this section.


Octave can be installed with brew cask install octave or using the method below.

Import the scientific computing packages and install necessary packages:

$ brew tap homebrew/science
$ brew install gcc
$ brew install octave

Note: If brew complains about not having a formula for Octave, the following command should fix it:

$ brew tap --repair

The command below upgrades Octave and its dependencies to the latest Homebrew-supported versions:

$ brew update && brew upgrade

Octave has many dependencies which will be downloaded and installed prior to Octave. The entire installation process can take a few hours. Note: On Snow Leopard, Octave requires a X server. If you install without, Homebrew will guide you to the XQuartz project where you can download this.

You might find that you need to add:

setenv ("GNUTERM", "X11")

to your octaverc file, normally located at /usr/local/share/octave/site/m/startup.

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