iTerm2 is an open source replacement for Apple's Terminal. It's highly customizable and comes with a lot of useful features.


Use Homebrew to download and install:

brew install --cask iterm2


Colors and Font Settings

Here are some suggested settings you can change or set, they are all optional.

  • Set hot-key to open and close the terminal to command + option + i
  • Go to profiles -> Default -> Terminal -> Check silence bell to disable the terminal session from making any sound
  • Download one of iTerm2 color schemes and then set these to your default profile colors
  • Change the cursor text and cursor color to yellow make it more visible
  • Change the font to 14pt Source Code Pro Lite. Source Code Pro can be downloaded using Homebrew brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts && brew install --cask font-source-code-pro
  • If you're using BASH instead of ZSH you can add export CLICOLOR=1 line to your ~/.bash_profile file for nice coloring of listings


MacOS shortcuts ⌘←, ⌘→ and ⌥←, ⌥→

You might be familiar with shortcuts to skip a word (⌥) or go to start/end of the line (⌘). iTerm is not set up to work with these shortcuts by default but here's how you set them up:

Open up iTerm2 preferences (⌘ + ,) -> Profiles -> Keys -> Click on + icon (add new Keyboard shortcut).

shortcut action Esc+
⌘← Send Escape Sequence OH
⌘→ Send Escape Sequence OF
⌥← Send Escape Sequence b
⌥→ Send Escape Sequence f

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