ack is a search tool designed for code. It's built to be a replacement for grep with higher speed and more options.


To install the latest version, use homebrew.

brew install ack

Why use ack over grep

  • Faster
  • Skips unimportant files by default
  • It searches recursively by default
  • Customizable



Let's say you want to find all JavaScript files that are using the module pancakes in your project, with ack it's as easy as

ack --js pancakes

Or you may want to find all files that does not contain the word brew

ack -L brew


You can customize ack to behave the way you want it to, this configuration i s stored in /.ackrc.

For example, you can add a custom type to use as a flag when searching. The following configuration will allow you to only search in .md, .mkd and .markdown files using the --markdown flag.,.mkd,.markdown

You can also tell ack to always sort and use colors in the result.


To see what configuration ack uses you can use the dump flag.

ack --dump

Alternatives to ack

There's The Silver Surfer which describes itself as a

A code searching tool similar to ack, with a focus on speed.

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