Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.


Using Homebrew

brew install node

Using Node Version Manager (nvm)

Download and install nvm by running:

curl -o- | bash

or via Homebrew:

brew install nvm

Then download Node and select your version by running:

source ~/.bashrc        # source your bashrc/zshrc to add nvm to PATH
command -v nvm          # check the nvm use message
nvm install node        # install most recent Node stable version
nvm ls                  # list installed Node version
nvm use node            # use stable as current version
nvm ls-remote           # list all the Node versions you can install
nvm alias default node  # set the installed stable version as the default Node

See the documentation for information.

npm usage

To install a package:

npm install <package> # Install locally
npm install -g <package> # Install globally

To install a package and save it in your project's package.json file:

npm install <package> --save

To see what's installed:

npm list [-g]

To find outdated packages:

npm outdated [-g]

To upgrade all or a particular package:

npm update [-g] [<package>]

To uninstall a package:

npm uninstall [-g] <package>

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